Waking Up Early: A Past, A Plan, A Pledge

For me, waking up in the morning is like:



It’s sad, but true.

My normal morning routine includes the following:

  1. Alarms #1 and #2 go off. Snooze both.
  2. Alarm #3, which is supposed to be my final alarm, goes off. Snooze.
  3. Alarms #1 and #2 go off again. Snooze.
  4. Alarm #3 goes off again. Squint one eye open, look at the time, justify giving myself 5 more minutes, and reset the alarm for five minutes later.
  5. Alarm #4 (adjusted time!) goes off……………………. Snooze.
  6. Either Alarm #1, #2, #3, or all of the above go off next. Realize I needed to get up 30 minutes ago, and run around the house like a chicken with its head cut off, trying to get ready for the day in 10 minutes or less.

I feel as though I ought to include the fact that my poor husband, by the time I get up, has already been awake for 30 minutes, made coffee, fed the dog, had a bowl of cereal, and walked the dog. Whoops.

Unfortunately, I need to start waking up early again, because my last year of undergraduate study (FINALLY!!!!!!!) is about to begin exactly one week from now, and I have classes that start at 8:00. I completely understand that 8 am is not a particularly early morning for the majority of the adult population, but it’s definitely early for me.

In the past, I have used 5 alarms at one time, tried putting them far away from me, relied on my husband or roommates to wake me up, etc. I have also failed multiple months and years at getting up and getting ready for the day without scrambling around in a crazy frenzy.


After thorough research and browsing of other articles, blogs, websites, etc, the following is my plan for waking up early this year:

  1. Go to bed with the set intention/goal in mind of getting up on time!
  2. Plan what I am going to wear the next day the night before. (this takes me forever, especially when dealing with groggy, morning-time Christine)
  3. Pack bags and purses with necessary supplies for the next day
  4. Calculate how early I need to get up based on the things I would like to get accomplished before I leave:
    1. 5 minutes for brushing teeth, washing face, and getting dressed (with last night’s clothing preparation…)
    2. 5 minutes to cuddle with / play with / love on my dog [okay, maybe 10]
    3. 5 – 10 minutes for breakfast and morning tea, morning stretches
    4. 20-30 minutes to shower, do hair & makeup
    5. 15-20 minutes to get to school & class on time
  5. Set an alarm for when I want to be in bed, ideally 8-9 hours before I need to get up and moving around. (This is definitely going to be the roughest part for me…)
  6. When my alarm goes off, I am going to just get. out. of. bed. Maybe I’ll go in my zombie-like state and wash my face. With cold water. That ought to do it
  7. Put $1/$2 in a jar for every day that I wake up early, free to use on whatever I want after each month of (hopefully) successful mornings!
    — INCENTIVE! $$$ haha

I’m going to start initiating this “plan-of-action” by waking up 30 minutes earlier every day for the next week, since I get up at around 10am in the summertime (I know…. seriously??).

I, Christine, promise you, the readers (or 3 people), to do my very best and succeed in the plan I have set forward to “rise and shine” like the real, gen-u-ine, hopefully-won’t-need-the-snooze-button-anymore, adult that I am.



What crazy or logical schemes do you do to successfully/semi-successfully get out of bed in the mornings, fellow non-morning people (aka night owls) ?

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2 Responses to Waking Up Early: A Past, A Plan, A Pledge

  1. Hi Christine,

    This looks like a good plan! The only two things I’d say is that:

    1. You don’t need to set an alarm for when you need to be in bed. Let your body tell you–if you try to go to sleep when you’re not tired you’ll just give yourself insomnia. Some nights you’ll need 7 hours, some nights you’ll need 9, etc.

    2. The other thing is that moving your wake up time 30 minutes forward every day for a week is going to suck. It takes a week minimum to adjust to a new wake up time, and there’s about a 1 day lag in tiredness when you wake up earlier than your body is expecting. So the first day you’ll wake up 30 minutes earlier and be fine, but the next day when you’re now a full hour earlier and tired from the day before you’re going to have a really hard time. That will only get worse in the subsequent days. It might be easier to just make one big change (like 10 -> 8:30, then 8:30 -> 7) which will be much harder the first day, but will give your body more time to adapt.

    Good luck!

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