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Waking Up Early: A Past, A Plan, A Pledge

For me, waking up in the morning is like: OR It’s sad, but true. My normal morning routine includes the following: Alarms #1 and #2 go off. Snooze both. Alarm #3, which is supposed to be my final alarm, goes … Continue reading

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Candy Crush Saga: Just Say No

It’s been almost two weeks since I wrote a new blog post…. BAD CHRISTINE! Although it is entirely my fault (I’ve been distracted and, honestly, unmotivated – whoops!), I have chosen this time to discuss one of many sources of … Continue reading

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Those Less Fortunate [Follow-Up #1]

I’ve been stuck. Before I started this blog (a week ago heh), I researched the crap out of “blogging” and why to do it/how to do it. A lot of people warned that the first few months would be the … Continue reading

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Those Less Fortunate.

Today, my husband and I were driving home to Long Beach from our lovely vacation in San Francisco, when a confusing thing happened: I found myself completely lost and alone in a parking lot, without any money, ID, or a … Continue reading

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